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I'm Michael Hopper.

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I want to see accountability and policy that benefits all Australians with an outlook on protecting all of our futures.

It is my goal to bring credibility back to Australian politics.

We need teachers, scientists, engineers, nurses, doctors, carpenters, people who understand what it is to live a normal life and can relate to the average Australian, a far cry from what the average politician looks like today.

That is why I promise to provide representation for all Australians and put the welfare of people before major corporations.

If I am elected, I promise to:

  • Push for a Federal ICAC with the ability to investigate behaviour dating back at least one term.
  • Make the major parties work together to enact climate change policies that can survive a change in leadership and not simply push the problem further down the road for the next generation.
  • Promote the transition of government spending within education, research and growth of technologies and resources to renewables and communications, while lessening government spending on sectors that are becoming less relevant to the future.
  • Push for transparency in the government decision-making process and hold the government accountable for tackling national emergencies. I will ensure that recommendations from Royal Commissions and Inquiries are acted upon even after the initial issue is no longer headline news.
  • Ensure the current inquiry into housing affordability is completed and used to create a proper roadmap for determining the best housing policy for future generations. We must create policies that are beneficial to younger people and future generations, even if it will impact some of the loud minority speculators.
  • Introduce a Bill to slow down and reverse the number of gambling advertisements in Australia and open an inquiry into the cost that gambling has on the Australian people and economy.


“After spending time working with leadership teams in both large and small companies and noting the lack of true leadership at a Federal Government level, I have decided to take the proactive step of running as a Senator for South Australia.”



The major accountability policies I will be driving are:

  • An effective Federal ICAC with the ability to investigate historical incidences of at least three years prior, preferably more.
  • An independent body to act as an HR team in Parliament House with mandatory reporting for criminal behaviour; potentially incorporated into the Department of Parliamentary Services.
  • Stronger protections for whistleblowers speaking out against Commonwealth corruption.
  • Easier access for the public to government documents and the mandatory reporting of all donations to political parties and politicians to be publicly available within a reasonable timeframe. Also, limit donations to only being acceptable from citizens or permanent residents with a total limit on what can be donated per year.


Global Climate Change Local Environment Protection Emergency Response

The major environmental policies I will be driving are:

  • Push for a government-wide acknowledgement of climate change risks for our future.
  • Mediation of non-partisan policies to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Accord and the Glasgow Climate Pact. The policies should include a roadmap with actionable and measurable milestones to ensure we don't run out of time to meet these obligations.
  • Drive a program for updating natural disaster likelihood models.
  • Establish fleet emission targets for passenger vehicles to align with other global markets.
  • Overhaul of the Murray Darling Water Catchment Market, effectively a stock market on water allocation where companies can speculate on a fundamental human need to make profits.
  • Installation of an Inspector General for water usage in the Murray Darling Basin, including active prosecution for water theft.
  • A national framework on the practice of flood plain harvesting in the Murray Darling Basin.
  • Creation of Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) for national emergencies.
  • Increase the size of our national emergency aerial firefighting fleet and look into automated flame detectors in our national parks and reserves.
  • Securing availability of important strategic resources locally in case of emergency.
  • Where available, use funds designated for disaster relief by the government before requesting crowdsourcing of donations from the public.


Housing Gambling Worker Rights Welfare Aged Care Immigration Indigenous Affairs Illicit Substances Media

The major social policies I will be driving are:

  • Support and push for implementation of recommendations found in the current inquiry into housing affordability in Australia.
  • Push for changes to the tax code to disincentivise the use of housing stock as a speculative asset vs a basic affordability need for all Australians.
  • Push for national mandates regarding renters' rights across Australia.
  • Push for an increase in the availability of public housing.
  • Improve building requirements for all residential properties and overhaul the current building inspection process for projects.
  • Change gambling advertisements and rules in Australia.
  • Push for a Royal Commission into the gambling industry in Australia incorporating current license holders and the social impact on Australian society and the net effect on the economy. It should also look into the animal welfare of race animals.
  • Improve worker rights for all people working in Australia.
  • Make wage theft a criminal offence under Australian Law.
  • Conduct a public campaign ensuring that illegal workers know Australian worker rights still protect them.
  • All government welfare and pension payments are to be indexed with CPI.
  • Welfare payments are to be focused on the end recipient instead of using corporations to distribute the benefits.
  • Modify Jobactive network incentives for providers, push for review for undoing the privatised model implemented in 1998.
  • Recommend review into NDIS structure and charge out model.
  • Force the Federal Government to follow the recommendations found in the 'Care, Dignity and Respect' Royal Commission completed in 2021.
  • Ensure immediate rectification of compliance failures in aged care facilities when found.
  • Prepare Australia for the looming increase in average population age via additional training of staff and construction of appropriate facilities before it becomes a problem.
  • Ensuring the Federal Government is held accountable to its legal requirements for international arrivals.
  • Provide more funding to improve the quality of detention facilities and staffing for processing.
  • End the use of offshore detention facilities.
  • Develop more agreements with other nations for processed asylum seeker swaps.
  • Wider use of community monitoring for arrivals.
  • Cross-sectional feedback groups with indigenous communities at all levels of leadership across Australia.
  • Provide funding to states to improve the availability of substance abuse recovery programs and legal testing of substances for users.
  • Decriminalise the use of illicit substances and treat them as a medical issue instead of a criminal issue.
  • Promote an investigation into the legalisation of certain substances currently deemed illegal.
  • Supporting the call for a Senatorial Inquest into news media diversity within Australia.


National Roadmap South Australian Economy

The major economic policies I will be driving are:

  • Undertake a study into the global market to identify growth sectors and future industries, focusing on sustainability. We must then build the roadmap to transition our economy based on the outcomes, not industry lobbying.
  • Development of required natural resources for green technologies with an investigation into how to capture fair value for investment into future Australian technologies.
  • Improve government capabilities to research subjects and write informed policy neutrally without the need for large consulting firms or industry lobby groups.
  • Reduce the use of consultants and contractors within the public sector.
  • Prioritisation of Australian businesses and natural resources for domestic use.
  • Create incentives for companies to continue or expand remote working capabilities.
  • Government incentives for companies to establish headquarters outside Melbourne and Sydney's current major business hubs to other capital cities in Australia and urban centres like Whyalla, Port Augusta and Mount Gambier.
  • Develop a national infrastructure program to help link interstate and rural communication networks, interstate transport networks to rural communities and assistance to state governments to electrify/expand public transport systems.

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06 April 2022

Why I am Running

I want to see accountability and policy that benefits all Australians with an outlook on protecting all of our futures. I have been asked multiple times why I would want to be a politician – they are untrustworthy and only look out for themselves. However, it is my goal to bring credibility back to Australian politics...



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