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I am running as the only truly solo unendorsed Independent Senator for South Australia for the election on the 21st of May. This makes it much harder to be elected and I will need you to vote 'Beneath the Line' on the large white paper you will receive prior to voting. The following information will help assist you in voting for me and ensuring your vote counts.

The Australian Electoral Commission has information on how to make your vote count

To vote for me, you will need to vote below the line. This will require you numbering at least 12 boxes below the line from 1 - 12 with Michael Hopper being numbered as 1.

My name will be found at the far right of the white ballot paper in a column titled "Ungrouped" and I will be the only name. Once you have placed a "1" in my box, you can then continue to number 11 (or more) other names under the line to make your ballot valid.

With the changes to voting requirements in 2016, the official preferences of candidates, and parties, no longer impact how your vote will be registered. It is your personal choice that will direct where your vote will go. I understand that voting below the line can be more difficult and you may feel you need to learn about more individual candidates compared to voting above the line but this does not need to be the case. A simple way to vote for me is to place a 1 next to Michael Hopper and then sequentially number (up to at least 12) individual candidates below the line for the parties or individuals you may wish to see elected if I am not successful.

The Guardian has an excellent series on how to vote in the 2022 federal election. I have attached links to two of their videos:
Voting 101: what is preferential voting and how does it work in Australian elections?
Voting 101: what is voting below the line and is it important in Australian Elections?

Permission has been granted by The Guardian Australia to link these videos but does not constitute an endorsement from Guardian Australia to my campaign.


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