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Michael has called South Australia home since he was seven years old. Upon completing an Engineering degree at the University of Adelaide, he moved to Roxby Downs for six years in his twenties. During that time, he volunteered in the CFS and SES, where he travelled to all parts of the state on strike teams during major bushfires. It was also during this time that he rediscovered his childhood passion for camping, rock climbing, and hiking throughout South Australia and Australia's beautiful landscapes.

While working as a mining engineer in South Australia's north, he questioned whether he was fulfilled with his work and whether his values and personal goals could be achieved in the industry. He finally decided to make a change and moved to Melbourne to complete an MBA at the Melbourne Business School. Here he discovered the most fulfilling parts of his old career, solving and implementing solutions to large open-ended problems, could become a career. He spent the next four years working throughout Australia and internationally as a consultant for a small Australian start-up helping businesses develop corporate strategies, implement governance procedures to meet legislative requirements, improve internal processes and implement technical solutions.

After three years based in Melbourne, he returned home to Adelaide when the opportunity arose at the start of 2021. After spending time working with leadership teams in both large and small companies and noting the lack of true leadership at a Federal Government level, he has decided to take the proactive step of running as a Senator for South Australia in the upcoming Federal Election.

Michael enjoys camping, hiking, bouldering, and motorsport outside of his professional life.

Michael Hopper


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