An open letter to the Hack (and the Australian media in general)

An open letter to Triple J Hack (and the Australian media in general)

Dear Hack,

I am Michael Hopper and I am running as an Independent Senator for SA in the upcoming election. I listen to the program most evenings and am always surprised when you mention that a common theme you have been hearing from young Australians during this election is the lack of representation for them at this election. I say this as this is the exact reason I am running. I can also name other candidates and parties running in South Australia that have policies which cater more to the younger generation than Labor or Liberal.

I see this as a failing of the Australian media in general. The major parties are receiving the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in effectively free advertising from the media - compare that to my overall campaign budget of around $15,000, which includes $2,000 to the AEC which I knew I would likely never see again (not to mention loss of wages while campaigning). Programs like Hack are primarily trying to interview members of these parties but tend to ignore the smaller parties and Independents. I am even having trouble getting something as simple as my political website linked to my name on the official ABC Australia Votes website (if you could let Antony Green know, it’s, thanks).

I understand the reasoning for focusing on the Liberal and Labor parties as one of them will form government. However, it is important to let Australians know about the smaller parties and Independents as it will allow them to potentially vote for someone who better represents them. Yes, people like me are not going to be the ones to form government, however if there is not a majority, it will be people like me (or another independent/minor party) who will be in a position to hold the major parties to account. Should I be elected, I will force the parties to negotiate and consider the future of young Australians when legislation is written. Scott Morrison has outwardly stated that Independents cause “instability and chaos.” Those are just the words of a government who are afraid to work with other parties when they can’t even pass legislation when they hold a majority due to internal faction fighting. Just remember, the Gillard government managed to pass more legislation with a hung parliament, both in terms of volume and percentage passed, than most majority held parliaments in Australia’s history.

I am not expecting an invitation to the appear on Hack, but would definitely jump at the opportunity if offered. I am trying to point out the lack of awareness and responsibility that the media is showing, especially considering your own research is showing young people are feeling both left out and not able find all the information. Every media provider in Australia should be doing what they can to ensure all parties and candidates are able to be heard. This is how we allow Australians to make an informed decision come election day.

Michael Hopper
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Michael Hopper


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